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"When I began practicing I was amazed how many people were afraid of the dentist. They came to my office trembling or teary-eyed, hearts pounding in their chests like a drum. After sitting down with countless people who all expressed the same symptoms, I decided I wanted to do something more to help them. So I began in earnest to develop methods and techniques that would treat them. Today DOCS Education has helped to train more than 17,000 dental professionals who want to provide these patients with a caring and comfortable dental experience."

Michael D. Silverman, DMD, DDOCS; President of DOCS Education

"I could never have completed treatment without sedation dentistry. I was so afraid! But I'm no longer embarrassed by my teeth and I've regained confidence in my smile." Pat

sedation patient

"I feel good about myself, and I've fallen in love with the dental team." Edna

sedation dentistry

"I hope somebody younger than me reads this. I wish I had done this years sooner. Your own teeth are wonderful things. Try to keep as many of them as you can with sedation dentistry." Chris

conscious sedation patient

"My new smile has received so many compliments." Gwen

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sedation dentistry patient

Before I learned about conscious sedation dentistry I was afraid I'd lose all of my teeth. I was so afraid of the pain of fixing them and of all the long visits that I decided I was willing to lose them and accept dentures.

Fortunately the sedation dentist and his staff were so understanding and compassionate, I was immediately put at ease. It made me excited to know my problems were going to be fixed. Everything was so easy. Someone held my hand through every step, from making financial arrangements to scheduling and healing afterward. It was so refreshing to have such respectful people around me instead of being looked down upon and lectured. And the treatment was completed in two visits! I was amazed at the lack of pain and could not believe I was able to shoot pool hours after my appointments.

I thank you for everything you have done for me. I am now not so afraid of meeting new people. You and your staff have raised my confidence level immensely and I can't thank you enough. DR

If everyone were as kind and concerned as you, there would be no dental anxiety. You truly deliver what you promise. PZ

The only reason I moved forward and completed imperative dental work was because of oral sedation. My fear caused me to allow enough damage to my teeth that I lost two and was headed towards even more problems with those that remained. My ability to have dental work completed without fear impacted my family as well. I was so pleased with my experience that my teen son was no longer resistant to receiving care even though he needed only X-rays and cleaning. KR